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Online marketing changes that could improve your business this year

online marketingImproving search and social activity

We talk a lot about improving online marketing in terms of search and social media activity to increase search results and make best use of the visitors you get to visit your site.

What’s making it harder this year is the total mix up of SEO, social and PR but, in a way, this same change also makes it a lot easier to take your business to market.

Think about it this way.

Everyone wants more information. They turn to the internet as a source of information and search. Your job is to keep up with what your audience wants to know i.e. what are they searching for?

In 2012 generic trending topics were:

      • People
      • Events
      • How-to’s
      • What is’s
      • And, Local searches

The quickest way for you to find out what your market is searching for online is to search as they do and you can do this by using tools like Google Insights, SEM Rush and other keyword tools that help you complete your online marketing strategy.

Use your social tools to do research by asking your current customer base what they want to hear about, how long they spend online, what is a favourite search of theirs and whether they shop from their mobile phone or desktop?

Your understanding of your audience will teach you how to use your SEO and social correctly. In this way you’ll grow your prospect base and have more chance of converting them into buying customers.

How do you find out more about your audience? What tips have you got for our readers?



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